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How to Resolve Spooler Error 0x800706b9 in Windows

Troubleshooting Printer Problems

Printer Spooler Error

The spooler error 0x800706b9 is one of the common printer issues that users have reported. It comes with a message that says, “Not enough resources are available to complete this operation”.

Check your Computer for Malware

Make it a point to perform a full scan of your computer for any malicious programs or files. Many users have reported the spooler issue was also caused by malware infection. In order to resolve it, scan your system and remove malware from it.

Make a Fresh User Account

It is also possible that the error was also caused by corrupt user account. Repairing one such account is a complex and time-consuming task; therefore, it is usually better to create a new account. Follow the below steps to create one in your Windows computer.

  • Open the Settings You can press the Windows and I keys at the same time to access the app quickly.
  • Select the Family & other people Then, click Add someone else to this PC button.
  • Select I don’t have this person’s sign-in information, and choose Add a user without a Microsoft account
  • Key in your preferred username and password. Click on Next once you have typed the information.
  • After creating a user account, you should switch to the account and verify if the issue is still there. If not, then you have to move your files to the account and use it instead of the old one.

Modify your Registry

At times, the issue can happen due to certain settings. They can be accessed only through the Windows Registry. Therefore, you have to modify it in a bid to resolve the issue. Follow the below steps to make changes to the Registry.

  • Press the Windows and R keys simultaneously to open the Run dialog box, type regedit in it, and click the OK button or press the Enter


Troubleshooting Printer Problems

  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet and open Services > Spooler
  • If required, you can export and use this key as a backup.
  • Double-click the DependOnService

Troubleshooting Printer Issues

  • Then, remove http from Value data and click on the OK

Once you are done with these changes, reboot your computer and verify if the issue persists. Many users have reported this one worked, so you may also want to give it a try for troubleshooting printer problems.

Reset Winsock

As per users, the spooler error can be fixed by resetting this application programming interface (API). For that, you just have to execute a command in Windows Command Prompt.

  • Press the Windows and X keys at the same time to open the Win + X menu. Then select Command Prompt (Admin).
  • When it starts, type netsh winsock reset and press Enter.
  • Then, reboot your computer.

Check if the issue persists. If it does, move on to the next step.

Run Windows Printer Troubleshooter Tool

If you are getting the error, perhaps you can resolve it by running the inbuilt troubleshooter. The Windows OS comes with many built-in tools, and you can use this one for troubleshooting printer issues. To run it, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the Settings application, navigate to Update & Security, and choose Troubleshoot.
  • Then, choose Printer, and click on Run the troubleshooter.
  • The process will start, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete it.

Once it is done, check if the issue is resolved.

Stop the Spooler Service

To fix the issue, it is also advised to restart the print spooler service as well as delete certain files from your system. This is rather simple to do with the following steps.

  • Press the Windows and R shortcut key combo, key in  services.msc in the Run dialog box, and press Enter.
  • From the list of services, locate Print Spooler. For that, you just need to click on any service and keep pressing P until Print Spooler is highlighted.

  • Then, right-click on Print Spooler and select Stop from the shortcut menu.
  • Then, minimize the system Services
  • Open the File Explorer, go to C:\Windows\System32\spool and open PRINTERS from the folder. Once the confirmation message pops up, click on Continue.
  • Once you open PRINTERS, select all files and delete them from the folder, and close the File Explorer.
  • Navigate back to the minimized Services screen, right-click Print Spooler and select Start from the shortcut menu.

Other Troubleshooting Steps

  • Perform System Restore: If the issue started recently, then you may be able to resolve it by clocking the system back to a previous restore point.
  • Update your Printer Drivers: In some cases, the issue can occur if your printer drivers are out of out date. You can do this for troubleshooting printer problems, including this one. You just have to visit your printer manufacturer’s site, download the latest printer driver, and install it by following the instructions.

If you still face the 0x800706b9 error or need help with anything related to printer, get in touch with our printer support professionals through the toll-free contact number mentioned here.


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